Believe in the power of self-awareness. When we start looking within us, we learn to identify truth from fiction, we learn that what we perceive isn’t always reality, and that our words about ourselves have tremendous influence over us.

Believe in the importance of alignment between our values and authenticity.  We cannot be our authentic selves when our values and actions do not line up.  Having clarity of the values that matter most to you set the roadmap for you to chart your actions on.

Believe in the contribution we make each day.  Each of us contribute to the lives of each person we come into contact with.  That contribution can be positive or negative.  Today, believe in the positive contribution we can each make in the world.

Believe in the significance of our purpose on earth.  We each have gifts to share, skills to utilize, dreams to realize, and people to serve.  Sometimes it can be hard to see this truth – blinded by the stressors of day to day life. But we are each here for a purpose and it is not insignificant.  Never doubt that our gifts were given to us for a reason.  We owe it to ourselves and to all who could benefit from our sharing, to believe in the significance of our purpose.


And if today, you have awoken with limiting beliefs and doubt your importance, be kind to yourself.  All real change in this world begins with kindness.  It begins with empathy.  Not just for others, but also for ourselves.  If you begin with kindness, all things are possible.  Start there.